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Great Investments Programme

educates private investors on how to invest for their future. With software & 1-2-1 calls they are fast-tracked to almost expert level of confidence.

‘It was quite a shock to the system, that if you invest it will provide substantial returns.’

The Great Investments Programme is a lifetime investment mentoring programme that provides online courseware, access to proprietary online tools and resources and one on one mentoring designed to enable beginner or advanced investors to invest successfully, for life. Risk Warning: All investing is risky.


Hitesh started learning with Alpesh in the beginning of 2020. Hitesh was looking for a mentor he could trust to learn how to invest and found that he was lacking understanding the understanding of how to move forward with his investments.


When Hitesh started with Pips Predator, he found it difficult to get the hang of. But then turning to the Great Investments Programme, originally Hitesh’s investments were all in British companies, but using the tools to convert the stocks to high return stocks, Hitesh found great returns, ‘which was wonderful.’

Through the one-to-one sessions, online course and measurement tools, Hitesh was able to progress and make excellent returns in not too long a timeframe.


Hitesh restarted the Programme again with the capital he raised and plans to reinvest the money into charity and ‘give it to his wife.’


The spending was what Hitesh’s earnings. Now, Hitesh is getting established and recreating another portfolio to produce more returns. ‘Once you understand how to go forward with Alpesh’s guidance, course and tools, you can incest without taking a shot in the dark and get to your objectives.’


Having invested the first batch, Hitesh managed to draw out enough money to pay for his daughter’s wedding. The reception had champagne and ‘all the rest of it.’ Hitesh said, ‘It was quite a shock to the system, that if you invest it will provide substantial returns.’It’s been a great experience and I can’t wait to start the Programme again.’ Alpesh said, ‘“I am really pleased, and I find this work so fulfilling helping people through education to achieve their financial goals.’

RISK WARNING: All investing is risky. Returns at not guaranteed. Past performance and case studies are no guarantee of future results.


Designed and lead by the award-winning hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel OBE, students learn at their own pace through a carefully developed library of educational materials so they can secure their financial future.
Client Focus
The Great Investments Programme can be used by beginner or advanced investors who seek higher returns from their investments.

  • Achieving better results by explaining technicalities such as market metrics and movements and how to use them to know when (and how) to act.

  • Optimise returns by managing the self: focusing, gaining awareness of risk profile and emotional detachment.

  • Creating clearer ways for traders to understand market influences and catalysts for change.

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