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Great Investments Programme

educates private investors on how to invest for their future. With software & 1-2-1 calls they are fast-tracked to almost expert level of confidence.

The Great Investments Programme is a lifetime investment mentoring programme that provides online courseware, access to proprietary online tools and resources and one on one mentoring designed to enable beginner or advanced investors to invest successfully, for life. Risk Warning: All investing is risky.


This is interview is with Chris from Wales, an Architect (now retired).
How were you investing/ trading before?

When I was 50 in 2013, I took that fork in the road. I doubled my account and then blew it all and more just like 70 -90% of retail traders do.

How bad was it?
I was totally burnt! It was like trying to bake a cake without actually knowing the basic essential ingredients. Alpesh shone light that was so clear, it was a major pivotal moment for me.
Soon after I changed my old light bulbs for long term sustainable ones so to speak!

What about investing?
I could start off with a confessional on that one. Embarrassingly through financial ignorance and lack of action, my small work pension was festering with a big pension provider.

What about the returns?
The average of 5% per annum over two decades compared to Alpesh who taught me how to quadruple that. If your parents don`t teach you how, the schools education system certainly doesn’t, but they should! It`s almost a systemic ignorance.
That was a huge step for me but only through being guided and supported by Alpesh and what I fast tracked learnt in the Great Investments Programme that give me the confidence to self- invest in the markets, and that has proved positive.

How did you find Alpesh?
Looking back what I wanted and needed was trust, quality & consistent, effective communication with an expert mentor who could guide me as a student on the Great Investments Programme, so I could start teaching my children, of which Alpesh is also fully supportive. That`s a win / win, truly Awesome.

How did you find the process of learning? What were your biggest revelations and experience with Alpesh generally?
So much added value: the initial investment just keeps on giving as it provides real time information, finger on the pulse news and quality information which is paramount as the markets are continually changing (especially when trading). Communication: The live course is continually updated with the Telegram is excellent.
Lifetime quality mentorship with No Repeat Subscriptions: The one-off subscription pain is suitably eased with profits. It keeps your finances healthy potentially for the rest of your life.
Getting yourself & children (if you are blessed enough to have them) to be financially literate and financially free with the huge potential to share the ‘love’ to help others.

What about the Great Investments Programme?
I could learn at my own pace. I learnt to find the best players (stocks) and when to take action. For example, the 3 As: Alpesh, Alpha, Altman. Trust is important to me.
Having trust in someone`s investment expertise is paramount when investing. C.P.S. is always on your best side when up against the risk machinations in the markets. CPS is Croci, Piotroski & Sortino.
So that`s just some of what I learnt in the first season as Alpesh Patel`s mentee and student, alias newbie investor in my quest for financial literacy with profits.

RISK WARNING: All investing is risky. Returns at not guaranteed. Past performance and case studies are no guarantee of future results.


Designed and lead by the award-winning hedge fund manager Alpesh Patel OBE, students learn at their own pace through a carefully developed library of educational materials so they can secure their financial future.
Client Focus
The Great Investments Programme can be used by beginner or advanced investors who seek higher returns from their investments.

  • Achieving better results by explaining technicalities such as market metrics and movements and how to use them to know when (and how) to act.

  • Optimise returns by managing the self: focusing, gaining awareness of risk profile and emotional detachment.

  • Creating clearer ways for traders to understand market influences and catalysts for change.

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